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Police Officer Selection Process

Applicant Review

Applicants will be tasked to complete a Personal History Statement for use in their background investigation.

Online Application

If you think you've got what it takes, complete the online application for the position of Police Officer by clicking here!

Civil Service Exam
Physical Fitness Assessment

Initial Background Interview
Drug Screen

Applicants who successfully complete the initial testing and are selected to continue will be scheduled for an initial background interview with a Background Investigator as well as a polygraph and drug screen.

Oral Board

Applicants who are selected to continue in the hiring process will be scheduled for an oral review board.  Upon successful conclusion of the oral board, the applicant will be extended a conditional job offer.

Background Investigation

Applicants who successfully complete the oral board are then moved to the background investigation phase.  A Background Investigator will conduct a thorough investigation into the applicant.  As the background investigation is being conducted, the applicant will be scheduled for a medical assessment, psychological assessment, and a final questionnaire.

Meeting with the Chief

Upon satisfactory results of the background investigation and further assessments, the applicant will meet with the Chief of Police.  It is at this time that a final job offer may be presented to the applicant.  The Richardson Police Department does not hire solely to fill an academy class or lateral mini-academy, so those who are eligible before the start of the next police academy (if applicable) will start as soon as they are available.

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