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$2,500 Lateral Incentive

Qualified Lateral Officers may be eligible for a $1,250 incentive upon hire and an additional $1,250 incentive upon completion of all training for a total of $2,500.

To qualify, applicants must fulfill the following requirements:

  • At most recent law enforcement agency, must have worked for a minimum of two years as a law enforcement officer*

  • No greater than a 12 month break in service prior to date of application

  • Experience must be comparable to that of the Richardson Police Department

  • Must successfully complete all phases of the selection process.

*experience must be after completion of training period.

Build Your Paycheck

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Here's a sneak peek of your pipeline after you start employment.

Out of State Officers

Completion of the

Plano-Richardson Police Academy to prepare the applicant for the TCOLE exam.

A short period of training in-house to adapt to policies, procedures, and tactical training.

TCOLE Certified Officers

Police Training Program

Qualified lateral officers may also be eligible for an abbreviated field training program.

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